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Why choose Us.Because we are trustworthy and reliable.

We believe in solving any kind of problems within the laws. Linear Advisory always take the burden of its client. The challenge of our customers is our challenge. We thrive for better outcome. Having worked for leading companies across virtually all sectors, we understand tax and the challenges faced by our clients.

Why choose Us?

Our Perspective.Tax is Not a Burden.

The entire tax system is highly progressive under competitive assumptions about tax incidence. Moreover, the degree of progressivity is virtually unaffected when noncompetitive assumptions about tax incidence are employed.

Why choose Us?

Make Our Clients Happy.Submit and watch the results.

A client must declare all types of income like, employment income, government payments, super pensions and annuities, compensation and insurance payments etc. After that, we will calculate your tax. You're entitled to claim deductions for some expenses. A deduction reduces your taxable income, and means you pay less tax. All these processes will be done by us. 

For a hassle free tax return submission, Linear Advisory is the best solution.

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One of our major goals of our service is to confirm all the means to achieve the highest refund.

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Providing quality service with minimum fee is a hard mechanism. However, our experienced and dedicated team have made it possible.

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We provide tax suggestions to our clients

Tax suggestions are free for our clients. These tips are from experts and will guide you according to the prevailing laws. 
Boost retirement contributions
Contributing as much as you can to your retirement — via, for example, an individual retirement account — is one of the best ways to reap a tax benefit.
Contribute to a health savings account
Health savings account contributions can reduce your income eligible for taxation, as well as help with planning future medical costs.
Collect tax credits
Tax credits are particularly valuable because they reduce your tax bill on a dollar-for-dollar basis.
Dig for deductions
Simply put, tax deductions reduce how much you pay in taxes by lowering your taxable income.


How to make a complaint?

If anything needs to be address to the authority, then there is option to communicate with them.

    • Lodge an online complaint at complaints, compliments and suggestions on ATO website
    • Phone our complaints line on 1800 199 010 – 8.00am – 6.00pm, Monday to Friday (local time), except national public holidays
    • Phone the National Relay Service on 13 36 77 (if you have a hearing, speech or communication impairment)
    • Send a fax to 1800 060 063
    • Write to - Australian Taxation Office

PO Box 1271



Why choose Us?