Multiple Assessment

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Sometimes, we offer our clients multiple assessment for the tax file preparation if needed. 

There are lot of changes in 2020. Therefore, you may find some complications while preparing your tax file. A mistake can substantially reduce your tax refund. As a result, you may be face some serious financial losses. If there is any confusion, then a client can return to us for further checking. We will be there to help you anytime.

How to apply for second assessment? 

If you did not use a professional or you disagree with your tax assessment, bring in a hard copy of your current and/or past years' tax return(s) for a free Second Check. Our experts will analyze the documents again and again until you will be satisfied. Any changes, like, deductions, inclusion, exclusions will be done very carefully. 


Things to consider –


  • If any unintentional mistake happens from our side, then you will be served without any service charge. You might get some refund from the service charge depending on the situation.
  • Do not ask us to do anything against the Australian Taxation Law.
  • We always follow the instructions of Australian Taxation Office (ATO). Therefore, never request for anything against their rules.
  • Any wrong doings from our side will be given preference. So, there is no need to be tensed of submitting the file.