Quarterly GST Lodgment

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Pay quarterly GST if your GST turnover is less than $20 million 

What Is the Goods and Services Tax (GST)?

The goods and services tax (GST) is a value-added tax levied on most goods and services sold for domestic consumption. The GST is paid by consumers, but it is remitted to the government by the businesses selling the goods and services.


  • The goods and services tax (GST) is a tax on goods and services sold domestically for consumption.
  • The tax is included in the final price and paid by consumers at point of sale and passed to the government by the seller.
  • The GST is a common tax used by the majority of countries globally.
  • The GST is usually taxed as a single rate across a nation.



Quarterly GST reporting

Full Reporting Method

If a client has GST turnover of $10 million or more then he/she must need to use the full reporting method.

Under the full reporting method, you calculate, report and pay your GST amounts quarterly. You provide more detailed information on your business activity statements (BAS).

You can use the accounts method, a way of completing your BAS directly from your accounting records or the calculation worksheet method to work out your GST amounts for your BAS. 

Simpler BAS Reporting Method

Simpler BAS took effect from 1 July 2017. All businesses with a GST turnover of less than $10 million were automatically transitioned to Simpler BAS reporting.

When completing an activity statement (GA) or annual GST return (GR), if the business is using Simpler BAS, select Y in - “Does this business use the Simpler BAS reporting method (GST turnover < $10 million)?”; otherwise, select N.

It is important that you answer this question correctly otherwise you may receive a rejection

GST Installments Method

If profits are increasing, then one’s GST net liability will also be increasing.  The instalment will represent an under payment as the ATO advised instalment is based off the prior year’s lodged activity statements.  In most cases, the shortfall is not payable until May of the following year so one receives an interest free loan from the ATO to pay any GST shortfall.

GST registration threshold

There is an annual GST registration threshold of AUD 75000, based on both the current and projected turnover. It is not compulsory to register if your annual sales turnover is below this amount.

Many companies below this level, however, elect for a voluntary GST registration. This enables them to claim back any Australian GST incurred during the supply of the goods or services.


Should you register for Australian GST?

For foreign companies providing goods or services ‘connected with Australia’, there may be a statutory obligation to register for GST.

This includes the ongoing compliance requirements to file periodic tax returns and pay over any GST due to the Australian tax office.

Typical situations requiring an Australian GST registration include:

  • Where goods are delivered within Australia;
  • If the foreign trader imports, installs or assembles goods in Australia;
  • Export of goods from Australia;
  • Supply of property, including lease rental; and
  • Supplies of services, e.g, consulting services, sport and entertainment events.